Friday, January 14, 2011


i can't believe i'm getting married!
and to the man of my dreams, could life be any better than that?
i love the adventure that this relationship has been--an adventure totally and completely from God in every way. and the support! the support we've gotten from everyone is incredible.

this weeks excitement was finding my dress for our wedding and receiving our honeymoon as a gift from my favorite uncle ever! everything is coming together slowly but surely and i couldn't be happier. i never have been much of a planner (and Bradley is all about plans, plans, plans...) but it seems i dont exactly need to be planning. God is working everything out piece by little piece just as he's worked out our relationship, just as he's worked out Brad's recovery, just as he works out your life.

our next big goal is to get the engagement pictures back and have all the invitations sent out. i'm so excited about our beach wedding in San Diego. it is the perfect compliment to my already laid back personality. sunshine, sand, and a bit of Marine Corps flair tossed into the mix. we've themed our wedding polkadots and pearls. Perfect, if i do say so myself. brad has a secret obsession with polkadots and i love the classy look of pearls.

i can't wait for a relaxing weekend of lounging and sweatpants. i feel like i need it after this week. i'm emotionally drained--its my first week/weekend without brad in over 5 months.  i need a good nap, a chick flick, and some cozy slippers.

until next time world,

always faithful,

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