Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i've been using today to sort of plan, get ideas, brainstorm, and all around just enjoy my "productive" day at work.

i've been exploring google and other wedding websites to help me turn the image in my head into a reality on our wedding day. i am so blessed to have a supportive, organized hubby-to-be to help me make sense of my chaos.

i know i want pearls, i know i want mason jars, i know i want wild flowers, i know i want polkadots, but i can not figure out how to tie everything together without it looking like this hodge-podge sort of day.

i'm in love with this idea:

but since we'll be having fake flowers to cut budget, i dont know how this will work without looking to...cheap? i was also thinking of tying the ribbon i bought from michaels around the mason jars? laid back...but not red-neck?

i suppose i should investigate a little more in how to make centerpieces. maybe a trip to the library this weekend? (i smell adventure coming on...) and i need to figure out how i want to use all that lighting we bought over christmas most effectively. eeps mcgeeps. so much to do.

until next time.
always faithful,

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  1. Hey Aimee, if you decide to do real flowers, I used a whole-sale florist in Belleville and the total cost came to like 1/2 of what other flower places were charging. Let me know if you'd like the info. Plus I know a couple girls that have their own wedding invitation businesses.

    ~ Kara Jeffries